Subaru WRX Harman Kardon Review: A Symphony of Power and Sound

The Subaru WRX is a legendary name in the world of performance cars, known for its exhilarating handling, potent turbocharged engine, and rally-bred pedigree. In recent years, Subaru has further enhanced the WRX experience by offering an optional Harman Kardon audio system that elevates the driving experience to new heights.

The Harman Kardon system in the Subaru WRX is a true audiophile’s delight, featuring 12 speakers strategically placed throughout the cabin to deliver an immersive and captivating soundstage. The system’s clarity and detail are astonishing, bringing out the nuances of even the most intricate musical passages. The bass response is also impressive, delivering robust and impactful low-end frequencies that resonate with every beat.

- WTX/STi w/ HK Enhancement

Whether you’re blasting your favorite tunes on the way to work or enjoying a relaxing evening cruise, the Harman Kardon system in the Subaru WRX will transport you to a world of pure audio bliss. The system’s intuitive controls and seamless integration with the car’s infotainment system make it easy to find and enjoy your favorite music.

Here are some of the key features of the Harman Kardon audio system in the Subaru WRX:

12 strategically placed speakers for a truly immersive sound experience

  • Powerful amplifier with 445 watts of peak output
  • Advanced Clari-Fi technology that restores lost audio information for a more lifelike listening experience
  • Harman Kardon’s proprietary Logic 7 surround sound processing for a more enveloping soundstage
  • Comprehensive smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

If you’re looking for a performance car that not only delivers exhilarating driving dynamics but also exceptional audio quality, the Subaru WRX with the Harman Kardon system is the perfect choice. This combination of power and sound will transform your driving experience into an unforgettable symphony.

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