Sony 5500 Car Stereo: Upgrade Your Drive With Seamless Connectivity & Sound

Sony XAV-AX5500 Car Stereo: Revving Up Your Ride with Infotainment Features

Looking to upgrade your car’s audio system with a feature-packed touchscreen receiver? The Sony XAV-AX5500 might be your perfect copilot. But before you hit the “buy” button, let’s take a closer look at its strengths and weaknesses to see if it aligns with your driving needs.

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Seamless Smartphone Connectivity: Mirror your Apple CarPlay or Android Auto compatible phone onto the receiver’s 6.95-inch bezel-less display for intuitive access to navigation, music, messaging, and more. This keeps you focused on the road while staying connected.

  • Voice Control Convenience: Utilize voice commands through your smartphone assistant or the built-in mic for hands-free control of music, navigation, and calls. This enhances safety and minimizes distractions.
  • Dual USB Ports: Connect both your smartphone and a USB storage device simultaneously. Charge your phone while enjoying your favorite tunes from a USB drive, offering greater entertainment flexibility.
  • WebLink™ Cast Compatibility: Access select smartphone apps directly on the receiver’s screen, expanding your in-car entertainment options beyond just CarPlay and Android Auto.
  • Dynamic Reality Amp 2: Experience richer, more powerful sound with Sony’s signature amp technology, even at low volumes. This is a boon for audiophiles seeking a more immersive listening experience.


No CD Player: If you still have a CD collection, this receiver might not be ideal as it lacks a built-in CD player.

  • Limited Physical Buttons: The focus on a bezel-less design translates to fewer physical buttons, which might require some getting used to compared to receivers with more tactile controls.
  • No Built-in Navigation: While CarPlay and Android Auto offer navigation options, the receiver itself doesn’t have built-in navigation, requiring a constant data connection on your phone.
  • Price Point: Compared to some basic car stereos, the XAV-AX5500 falls on the pricier end, so factor in your budget before making a decision.
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The Sony XAV-AX5500 packs a punch with its smartphone connectivity, voice control, and audio quality. However, the lack of a CD player, limited physical buttons, and absence of built-in navigation might deter some users. Ultimately, the choice depends on your priorities and budget. If you prioritize a modern, connected, and feature-rich in-car experience, the XAV-AX5500 is definitely worth considering. But if you value physical controls, CD playback, or built-in navigation, explore other options that better suit your needs.

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