Rockford Fosgate r2sd4 10 Review

Rockford Fosgate R2SD4-10: A Deep Bass Deliverer in a Shallow Package

In the world of car audio, Rockford Fosgate is a name synonymous with quality and performance. Their R2SD4-10 subwoofer is a testament to this reputation, delivering deep, powerful bass from a shallow-mount design that makes it a great option for a variety of vehicles.

  • Unleashing Subwoofer Excellence in a Compact Package
  • Rockford Fosgate PRIME RSD- - 5 cm Passiv Subwoofer mit 00 Watt (RMS:  00 Watt)

    With a mounting depth of only 3.5 inches, the R2SD4-10 is one of the shallowest subwoofers on the market. This makes it a great choice for cars with limited trunk or backseat space. However, don’t let its diminutive size fool you. This subwoofer packs a serious punch, producing up to 1000 watts of RMS power.

  • Designed for Enhanced Performance and Durability
  • Rockford Fosgate has employed a number of innovative design features to ensure that the R2SD4-10 delivers exceptional performance. The subwoofer features a high-roll foam surround for improved linearity and reduced distortion, while the dual 4-ohm voice coils allow for more flexible wiring options.

  • Unleashing Powerful Bass
  • The R2SD4-10 delivers a clean and articulate bass response that will shake your car to its core. The subwoofer’s 4-inch aluminum voice coil ensures efficient heat dissipation, allowing it to handle high power levels without breaking a sweat.

  • A Subwoofer for Enthusiasts and Beginners Alike
  • Whether you’re an experienced car audio enthusiast or just starting out, the Rockford Fosgate R2SD4-10 is a great option for adding deep, powerful bass to your car. Its shallow mount design makes it a versatile choice, and its high-quality construction ensures years of reliable performance.

  • Bottom Line: A High-Performance Subwoofer That Delivers
  • The Rockford Fosgate R2SD4-10 is an outstanding subwoofer that delivers deep, powerful bass from a compact package. Its shallow mount design, high-quality construction, and impressive power handling make it a great choice for car audio enthusiasts and beginners alike.

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  • Additional Features:
  • High-roll foam surround for improved linearity and reduced distortion

  • Dual 4-ohm voice coils for more flexible wiring options
  • Aluminum voice coil for efficient heat dissipation
  • 4-inch mounting depth
  • Up to 1000 watts RMS power
  • Rockford Fosgate’s renowned quality and reliability

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