LX Mini Speaker Review

  • LXmini Speaker Review: A Symphony of Sound in a Compact Package
  • In the realm of high-fidelity audio, the LXmini speaker from Linkwitz Labs stands out as a testament to innovation and exceptional sound quality. Its unique design, utilizing a combination of omnidirectional and dipole drivers, delivers an immersive audio experience that rivals much larger and more expensive speakers.


  • Designed for Optimal Sound Dispersion
  • The LXmini’s unconventional design is a deliberate choice to achieve optimal sound dispersion. The upward-firing woofer produces omnidirectional bass, while the dipole tweeter radiates sound both forward and backward, creating a wide and spacious soundstage. This unique configuration ensures that listeners experience a consistent and enveloping sound, regardless of their seating position.

  • Unveiling a Rich and Natural Tonal Palette
  • The LXmini’s tonal balance is characterized by a natural and uncolored sound signature. The speakers excel in reproducing a wide range of frequencies, from the crisp highs of cymbals to the deep rumble of bass drums. The midrange is particularly impressive, delivering vocals with clarity and presence.

  • Masterful Transparency and Detail Retrieval
  • The LXmini’s ability to resolve fine details and capture the subtle nuances of music is truly remarkable. The speakers reveal the intricate textures and harmonic richness of instruments, transporting listeners into the heart of the performance. This level of transparency makes the LXmini a joy to listen to, whether enjoying a classical concerto or a rock n’ roll anthem.

  • Scalability for a Variety of Listening Environments
  • Despite their compact size, the LXmini speakers can comfortably fill a medium-sized room with their rich and detailed sound. For larger spaces, a subwoofer can be added to extend the bass response and provide a more powerful audio experience.

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  • A DIY Challenge with Rewarding Results
  • The LXmini speakers are available as a DIY kit, offering audio enthusiasts the opportunity to construct their own high-performance speakers. The kit includes all the necessary components and detailed instructions, making it a relatively straightforward project for experienced DIYers.

    In conclusion, the LXmini speaker is an exceptional value proposition for audiophiles seeking a compact yet high-performance audio solution. Its unique design, natural tonal balance, and remarkable transparency make it a truly enjoyable listening experience. Whether you’re an ardent DIY enthusiast or simply seeking the best sound in a small package, the LXmini is sure to impress.

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