Kef Model 90 Center Speaker Review

KEF Model 90 Center Speaker Review

The KEF Model 90 center speaker is a high-end speaker that is designed to provide a seamless and immersive listening experience. It is part of the KEF Reference Series, which is known for its high performance and elegant design.

KEF Reference Series Model  Center Speaker

The Model 90 features a coaxial driver array that combines a tweeter, mid-range, and woofer into a single unit. This design allows for a more accurate and natural sound reproduction, and it also helps to improve the speaker’s dispersion characteristics.

The Model 90 has a frequency response of 58 Hz to 22 kHz, which is wide enough to cover the entire range of human hearing. It is also rated at 90 dB sensitivity, which means that it is relatively efficient and does not require a lot of power to drive.

The Model 90 is built with high-quality materials, including a solid MDF cabinet and a high-gloss finish. It is also designed to be very heavy and stable, which helps to minimize vibrations and improve the overall sound quality.

In terms of sound quality, the Model 90 is truly exceptional. It is able to produce a wide range of frequencies with clarity and precision. The vocals are particularly well-reproduced, and the bass is deep and tight. The speaker is also very well-balanced, and it does not exhibit any noticeable harshness or distortion.

Overall, the KEF Model 90 is an excellent choice for audiophiles who are looking for a high-end center speaker. It is well-built, sounds great, and it is sure to provide years of enjoyment.

Here is a table of the KEF Model 90’s key specifications:

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| Specification | Value |
| Frequency response | 58 Hz to 22 kHz |
| Sensitivity | 90 dB |
| Impedance | 8 ohms |
| Maximum input power | 200 W |
| Dimensions (H x W x D) | 12.5 x 50 x 16.5 in |
| Weight | 39 lbs |

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