Hertz DBA 200.3: A Compact Subwoofer With Big Bass

The Hertz DBA 200.3 is a compact, active subwoofer that delivers excellent sound quality and performance. It’s a great option for audiophiles who want to add some deep bass to their car audio system without breaking the bank.

This subwoofer is equipped with a 200mm (8-inch) subwoofer and two passive radiators that work together to produce deep, rich bass. It also has a built-in 140 watt amplifier, which is more than enough power for most applications.

Hertz Dieci DBA . -  cm Aktivsubwoofer DBA

The DBA 200.3 is designed to be easy to install, and it comes with a variety of mounting options to fit your specific needs. It’s also built to last, with a high-quality enclosure and durable components.

In terms of sound quality, the DBA 200.3 delivers excellent results. The bass is tight, punchy, and well-controlled, and it doesn’t overpower the rest of the music. The mid-bass is also nicely defined, and the overall sound is well-balanced.

Hertz DBA

Overall, the Hertz DBA 200.3 is a great option for audiophiles who want a compact, powerful subwoofer that doesn’t break the bank. It delivers excellent sound quality, performance, and value.

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