Elac SUB1010 Review: A Subwoofer That Packs A Punch For The Price

  • Elac Sub1010 Review: A Budget-Friendly Subwoofer with Punch
  • In the world of subwoofers, Elac is known for its high-quality products that deliver impressive bass without breaking the bank. The Elac Sub1010 is no exception, offering a compact and affordable option that can add depth and definition to your audio system.


  • Design and Features
  • The Elac Sub1010 features a sleek and understated design that blends seamlessly into most home setups. Its compact dimensions, measuring just 12 x 15 x 12 inches, make it easy to place in tight spaces, while its weight of around 22 pounds ensures it stays put. The subwoofer’s enclosure is constructed from high-quality MDF, which helps to reduce unwanted resonance and provide a tighter, more controlled sound.

    At the heart of the Sub1010 is a 10-inch woofer powered by a 120-watt RMS amplifier. This combination delivers enough power to fill medium-sized rooms with rich, deep bass, while also providing precise control and minimal distortion.

  • Performance
  • The Elac Sub1010 excels at reproducing articulate and well-defined bass frequencies. From the rumbling low end of rock and hip-hop to the subtle nuances of classical music, the subwoofer delivers a balanced and engaging soundstage. The low-pass crossover filter, adjustable between 40 and 150 Hz, allows you to tailor the sub’s response to your specific listening preferences and room acoustics.

  • Versatility and Value
  • The Elac Sub1010 is a versatile subwoofer that can be used with a wide variety of audio systems, from home theaters to stereo setups. Its high-level and low-level inputs make it compatible with a variety of amplifiers and receivers, and its auto-on feature ensures that it powers on and off automatically with your system.

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    At its price point, the Elac Sub1010 offers exceptional value for money. It delivers room-filling bass without sacrificing quality or performance, making it a great choice for anyone looking to enhance their audio experience without breaking the bank.

  • Overall, the Elac Sub1010 is an excellent choice for budget-minded audiophiles who demand a powerful and versatile subwoofer.
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