Boston Pv350 Review: Unveiling The Cruiser’s True Potential

Boston Acoustics PV350 Subwoofer Review: Bass Boost on a Budget?

The Boston Acoustics PV350 is an 8-inch powered subwoofer targeting budget-conscious audio enthusiasts seeking to enhance their music and movie experiences. But does its affordability translate to good value? Let’s delve into the pros and cons to help you decide.

Boston PV


Affordable price: The PV350 shines in its budget-friendly category. It’s a wallet-conscious option for adding bass to your system without breaking the bank.

  • Compact size: This subwoofer’s space-saving design makes it ideal for smaller rooms or setups where a larger subwoofer might be impractical.
  • Decent sound quality: For its price point, the PV350 delivers respectable bass output, particularly in the 40-50 Hz range, offering improved depth and rumble for music and movies.
  • Easy setup: The basic controls and connections make setting up the PV350 quick and straightforward.

Boston Acoustics PV Home Theater Powered Active Subwoofer


Limited power: Don’t expect earth-shattering bass. The 50-watt amplifier limits the subwoofer’s overall output, making it unsuitable for large rooms or those seeking truly powerful bass.

  • Frequency response: While decent for its size, the PV350’s frequency response doesn’t extend as low as some competitors, potentially lacking the deep bass some users desire.
  • Lacks refinement: Audiophiles might find the bass reproduction less nuanced compared to higher-end subwoofers, with a slight boominess at times.
  • Limited connectivity: The PV350 only offers basic RCA inputs, lacking more advanced options like speaker-level inputs or LFE connectors.


The Boston Acoustics PV350 offers an attractive price point and compact size, making it a viable option for budget-minded users looking to add a bass boost to their system in smaller spaces. However, its limited power, frequency response, and connectivity might leave audiophiles or those seeking truly powerful bass wanting more. Carefully consider your needs and expectations before deciding if the PV350 is the right subwoofer for you.

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Additional notes:

This review is based on publicly available information and user reviews. It’s recommended to research and listen to the subwoofer yourself before making a purchase.

  • Consider the size of your room, listening preferences, and budget when choosing a subwoofer.
  • There are many other subwoofer options available, so compare features and prices before making a decision.

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