BIC RTR-EV1200 Review: Budget Bass Powerhouse Or Ear-Thumping Dud?

BIC RTR-EV1200 Review: Budget Bass with a Punch?

The BIC RTR-EV1200, a 12-inch, 475-watt powered subwoofer, is a popular choice for budget-minded audio enthusiasts seeking to add some low-end oomph to their home theater or music listening experience. But does its affordability translate to good sound quality? Let’s delve into the pros and cons of the BIC RTR-EV1200 to help you decide if it’s the right subwoofer for you.



Powerful Bass: Packing a 475-watt amplifier and a 12-inch driver, the BIC RTR-EV1200 delivers substantial bass output, enhancing the impact of movies, music, and even video games. This is particularly impressive considering its budget-friendly price tag.

  • Room-Filling Sound: The front-firing design effectively projects sound waves throughout your listening space, creating a more immersive audio experience compared to down-firing subwoofers.
  • Clean and Tight Bass: While some budget subwoofers struggle with boomy or muddy bass, the BIC RTR-EV1200 produces relatively clean and tight bass, thanks to its ported enclosure design. This ensures the low-end frequencies stay defined and complement the overall sound signature.
  • Easy Setup and Controls: Setting up the BIC RTR-EV1200 is a breeze, with standard RCA inputs for connecting to your receiver or speakers. The controls are simple and intuitive, allowing you to adjust volume, low-pass filter, and phase for optimal integration with your system.
  • Value for Money: Perhaps the most compelling aspect of the BIC RTR-EV1200 is its affordability. It offers impressive performance and features for a price that’s significantly lower than many competitors, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers.

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Limited Low-End Extension: While the bass is powerful, it doesn’t extend particularly deep into the sub-bass frequencies (below 30Hz). This means you might not experience the earth-shaking rumble present in higher-end subwoofers.

  • Lacks Refinement: Compared to more premium subwoofers, the BIC RTR-EV1200’s sound can be described as less nuanced and detailed. The bass might not be as tight and controlled, and subtle variations in low-end tones might be lost.
  • Build Quality: The construction of the BIC RTR-EV1200 is primarily MDF, which feels less sturdy compared to the metal or composite enclosures used in some higher-end models. While it’s functional, it might not exude the same level of quality.
  • Limited Control Options: The BIC RTR-EV1200 only offers basic controls, lacking advanced features like parametric EQ or room correction that some users might desire for fine-tuning their subwoofer performance.
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The BIC RTR-EV1200 is a solid performer for its price, offering powerful and room-filling bass that significantly enhances your home theater and music listening experience. However, it’s important to manage expectations. If you prioritize deep, refined bass with nuanced details and a premium build quality, you might need to look beyond the BIC RTR-EV1200. But for budget-conscious buyers seeking a significant bass upgrade without breaking the bank, the BIC RTR-EV1200 offers excellent value for the money.

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